A collection of search forms for the more advanced Internet forager.
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Google search the web:
Google search usenet:

Search for

Search the Internet Movie DataBase for

Search Chips & Bits for
They sell computer games and hardware and also create the magazine called Computer Games.

Alltheweb Web Search

Search Support & the Knowledge Base at Microsoft

Translate a web page with babelfish
The http:// is required or it will just translate the text you type

Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup at
String to search for:
Example searches: apple or allied or 00:A0:40 or 00:80:C7
To look up the vendor of the ethernet device with MAC address 08:00:69:02:01:FC, search for 08:00:69

Search for security related web sites at astalavista
(warning! ad photos on site may not be safe for work)
Also check there for other interesting searches in the game/music realm.

Look for computer definitions with
What is:

Spell check a web site with Spell Online

Get a map from Yahoo!
Street Address, Intersection or Airport Code
City, State Zip or a ZIP    

Yahoo! Maps - Driving Directions.   Starting address :
Street Address, Intersection or Airport Code
City, State Zip or a ZIP
Destination address:
Street Address, Intersection or Airport Code
City, State Zip or a ZIP  

MSN's web Search

Mamma. Search:

Web Crawler Max Hits:

Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves for kids!

PC Webopaedia - Great source of information about computers.

Dogpile Search

any all as a phrase


Search for bargains with Bottom Dollar

Search in

Yahoo Max Hits:



Search the web with Galaxy

Find shareware on CNET

Webster's Dictionary Search

Thesaurus search

Acronyms and Abbreviations search

USA Phonebook search via Switchboard
Last Name First Name
City State

Search for an e-mail address with the Internet Address Finder

Who Where people search
First: Last:
email phone web

PERL manual search

Internet country code list
Straight list, no search.

Traceroute yourself from PCSLINK.

Internic Search

Domain (ex.
Registrar (ex. ABC Registrar, Inc.)
Nameserver (ex.NS.NETSOL.COM or

Domain Information search via Network Solutions

APNIC Whois:
APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Center)

ARIN Whois:
ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers )

RIPE Whois:
RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens)

Search the full text of ALL online information at the InterNIC (please use sparingly!)


Search Internet Indiana for the perfect Modem Init String

Search Liszt for the perfect mailing list

Search at Topica for Email lists about Messages containing

National Address and ZIP+4 Browser
Company: Address:
City: State: ZIP:

FCC ID Search
Grantee Code (first three characters)
Equipment Product Code (optional)

Metasearch at Highway 61 for


Search Info Tiger

Other stuff.

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